on…a 24 April 2015

I had an operation for the cyst in my cerebellum on April 14. I was discharged from the hospital on April 16 by walking. All my problems are fixed. I would like to thank my teacher again, you can definitely entrust yourself and your loved ones. Again, endless thanks to both my teacher and his team.

sa…. 28 October 2015

After meeting Prof. Dr. Baki, I realized that methods such as blockade and alternative medicine were a waste of time to get rid of the pain, the severity of which I couldn’t even describe, for about three years, and after I decided to have surgery with the positive energy he gave me. Knowledge, Energy and Trust, one of the rare people who embody three facts that most medical doctors cannot do… He is a valuable physician of our country, which I think Neuralgia patients like me should at least meet…